Whittlesea and Wallan’s Preferred Pasture Weed Control Services

If left to prevail, weeds can have a significant impact on the productivity of your land and some can even provide health risks to animals. As a land owner, there are certain noxious weeds that you are obliged to control by law.


Different weeds require different control measures. We are able to boom spray, spot spray, cultivate, slash, and can assist with pasture weed control management and revegetation.


How we can control a weed infestation

Weeds within your pasture or covering large areas can be controlled by boom spraying of chemicals. A boom spray attaches to a tractor and covers a broad area. Depending on the type and how bad the infestation is, a select herbicide may be used to kill the weed. However, care must be taken not to inadvertently kill of desirable plants. For example; a select herbicide designed to kill broadleaf weeds such as Cape Weed will also kill Clover.


If the weed infestation in your pasture is extremely bad, it might be worthwhile to consider a full pasture renovation, where the existing vegetation is completely eradicated and desired species sown down. For more information on this process visit our pasture renovation page. 


Weeds such as Black Berry or Gorse can respond to spraying with chemicals, however large areas may need to be slashed with a machine in order to return the area to a useable condition. 


Get a quote on weed control services today

Whittlesea Agricultural and Earth Works operators are experienced at assessing and dealing with all manner of weed infestations in the local area and can work with you to create a weed management plan.


Contact us and we’ll be happy to offer you a free quote based on your needs. We service Whittlesea, Wallan, Plenty, Kinglake, Kilmore, Hurstbridge and all surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.